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Did you know all professional scanners are "CCD"?


Epson's 2019 mid-range CCD Photo & Film Scanner V550

 EPSON  V550 Price

The V550 scanner (link below for best price) from Epson makes it easy to upload photos to Facebook, Picassa and other photo-sharing websites.

The Perfection V550 will provide fast high quality scanning of both documents and film.


Best Scanners of 2019 #1


#1 Epson Perfection V800 the TRUE Professionals choice, great price too!


 V700 Scanner

The most popular professional scanner perhaps because for the money nothing comes close to the flexibility & dynamic range.. 

Review what's new in Bar-Code, Film, Flatbed & Document
Feeding PDF Image Scanners in Australia (.au)

Review EPSON V800 Photo Scanner

Over the years scanners unlike many other tech products haven't changed a lot. If anyhting they are not as solid. Epson have upgraded the V700 with a LED light source and made other small incremental improvements, most notably the startup time.

The old school scanners could scan with all the DPI you'd need for press, the later scanners have basically got faster and cheaper. 

The Epson V550 scanner is a good scanner for the money and is set to outsell the V700 but it's no V800 in terms of scanning all day long. The Epson V800 is built like a tank, fast as hell and leaves most scanners for dead unless you want to pay $15,000 or more for a drum scanner.

"..So you have to scan say 2,000 35mm slides. A dedicated slide scanner with an automatic feeder would be nice but now rare and expensive for a one off job. After you've scanned the slides you've got an expensive paper weight. With the EPSON V700 you can "batch scan" (Full instructions to batch scan 35mm slides PDF*) using the whole are of the flatbed to create a batch of scanned images from your slide collection, it's easy! If you have some medium format film, all the better. The V700 will eat them with more resolution than you're lightly to need for most prints.."  

Best Scanners of 2019 #2


#2 Epson WORKFORCE DS-570W is 40% FASTER than Canon DRC225


Best Scanners of 2019 #3


#3 New Canon replacemement models for the DR-C225II and DR-C225WII

Note #2 above..

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