Flatbed Scanners A3 - A4

All the very best scanners are CCD (Charge Coupled Device) scanners

The graphics & photo professionals choice.

Why buy a cheap "CIS" Photographic scanner (LIDE 100,200 for example that use Contact Image Sensors) when for the same price range you can have CCD like the Pros use. CCD gives far better depth of field scanning.

The Epson V800 scanner offers unsupassed CCD performance for the money.

Look at the V550 if your on a budget but still need to scan film. 

Epson's new mid-range Photo & Film Scanner V550

Epson V550




EPSON V550 scanner from Epson makes it easy to upload photos to Facebook, Picassa and other photo-sharing websites.

The Perfection V550 will provide fast high quality scanning of both documents and film.




Quickly scan film, photos and documents.

  • 6400 x 9600dpi Resolution – outstanding photographic scanning quality combining image clarity and colour consistency.
  • Scan & Share – automatically upload to Facebook, popular cloud services and more.
  • Easy Photo Fix Technology – restore old faded colour photos and relive memories with one-touch.
  • Power the mobile scanner via your PC’s Hi-speed USB 2.0 port — no batteries or AC adapter needed.

Quality of the V550 scans can't be beat for the money. People expect every new model to be better than the last. In the days of building to a price point and most consumer products becoming commodities that's not always the case in this case we're talking value.

Epson V550 Scanner Price


A4 Scanners:
For the purpose of simplicity we're just going to focus on the two main providers of entry level scanners Epson and Canon.

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Flatbed Photo - Film & Document Scanners

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Here now! Australian Epson V850 PRO Scanner!

The new Epson V850 is basically the same scanner as the V800 with a few extras designed for the film enthusiast.

The Epson Perfection V850 Pro includes High Pass Optics with an anti-reflection coating on the lens with a "super reflection" mirror that delivers the highest level of image quality -  SilverFast® SE Plus 8 and i1 Scanner.

 Epson V850 Photo Scanner

The pro-quality scanner with advanced control to archive film and photos.

The quality and control you need to preserve priceless originals, right in your studio – it's easy with the Epson Perfection V850 Pro scanner. You get professional-quality scans that make it simple to digitally archive virtually any original. 6400 dpi resolution1, a 4.0 Dmax, advanced optics and dual-lens scanning ensure extraordinary results whether scanning slides, negatives or film. 

Epson V850 film holders The new-design film holders are more robust and offer users greater control in adjusting the height of the film holder to fine tune the focus point and achieve sharper focus. 


Digital ICE® Technologies remove surface defects, while two sets of film holders and an energy-efficient LED array help boost productivity. SilverFast® SE Plus and X-Rite i1® color management software add versatility. A specialized fluid mount tray (not included) is also available for unparalleled reproductions from black-and-white film. 

Epson V850 film holders The new film holders also include an anti-Newton ring plate to hold the originals flat for improved scan quality. The V850 comes with a second set for increased productivity.

  • Epson Perfection V850 Pro Review by Digital Photo Pro "Archiving your film, slide and print photos has become much easier with the Epson Perfection Pro Scanner." - Digital Photo Pro, April 2015

Key Features

Professional quality color and detail:-

 — get unparalleled scans with state-of-the-art 6400 dpi optical resolution1 and advanced optics Remarkable tonal range and shadow detail — 4.0 Dmax for smooth gradations and fine shadow detail Epson's exclusive Dual Lens System

 — automatically selects from two lenses for optimum results based on the media being scanned Automatically remove dust and scratches

 — Digital ICE Technologies remove many surface defects from film and prints to minimize costly retouching ReadyScan® LED light source

 — for fast scans with no warmup time required Greater productivity

 — batch scan multiple slides, negatives, medium- and large-format film with two sets of film holders (included) Advanced optics

 — high-reflection mirror and anti-reflective optical coatings ensure minimum optical distortion Do more with your film and photos

 — LaserSoft® SilverFast® SE software included for added versatility and control Precision film scanning

 — specialized fluid mount option available (not included)

What's in the Box?

  • Epson Perfection V850 Pro color scanner
  • 8" x 10" Transparency Unit (built into lid)
  • Eight film holders: 35 mm slides, 35 mm film strips, medium format 6 x 20cm and 4" x 5" (two each)
  • Film Area Guide
  • Scanner Software installation CD-ROM
  • LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast SE PLUS X-Rite i1Scanner with reflective/transparent IT8 targets
  • Setup poster
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 cable AC adapter and power cable

See also Epson V800


Scanner price (Ausmedia)

Scanner price (HOT)  


Why buy 9000F-II vs. Epson's V550?

Canon's Canoscan 9000F-II is the nicest looking scanner of the bunch.

The 9000F-II has the highest optical resolution, it's the only scanner with an inbuilt power supply which are generally more reliable than plug pack units.

Moving film backlight. (New on series II)

It's very hard to light a large area to a consistent brightness, better film scanners have a moving backlight that tracks the CCD sensor thus ensuring better film backlight consistency.  The same system is used in the Epson V800 (not V550).

Twice as fast Epson V550. CS9000 A4 300 DPI = 7 seconds, V550 = 15 sec.

¹ Colour document scan speed is measured with ISO/IEC 24735


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