X-Ray Scanners


Scan X-Rays?

Basically you need a film scanner that can handle the larger formats.

For example: Microtek A3 Scanner

You will need a film adaptor option fitted.

If you're serious about buying a scanner for your medical practise, you would want to talk to someone about your teleradiology requirements. The people to talk to who also offer value pricing are AIM Digital click here. Teleradiology, influence of the teleradiology technology systems..

  • A3+ flatbed scanner
  • Transparency adaptor included
  • USB2 connectivity
  • 6400 x 3200 dpi resolution
  • For Windows & Mac to 10.8
  • 1 year warranty RTB

A Graphic scanner is a high-end professional quality scanner, ideal for film, photography, medical, archiving and design.

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